"Germany’s 2017 Elections: Merkel’s to Lose?" UM panel discussion on 9/20, 1:30pm, DHC 119

While anti-establishment political movements have surged across most of Europe, Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel continues to enjoy strong approval ratings despite now being well into her second decade as German chancellor. Indeed, as a beacon of political stability in a turbulent world, her popularity with German voters seems to only increase with each new European or global crisis. Is Merkel set to lead her party to a fourth federal election win, or will German voters surprise as voters have in recent elections in the U.S. and UK? Join UM faculty Larry Abramson (Journalism), Klaus Uhlenbruck (Business), Eva-Maria Maggi (Political Science), Marton Marko (German Studies) and UM student Autumn Fraser (Journalism) for a panel discussion on the potential outcomes of the general election in Germany, the country’s resistance to populism, and Germany’s evolving role in Europe and the world.