Students learn most effectively when they can apply the class material to real-world cases. Hence in my classes I implement simulation modules in which students take on the roles of governments/policy actors and debate various policy issues from their perspectives. Starting under the auspices of the European Union Center of the University of Washington in Seattle, I developed around ten simulation modules on various topics of European politics that are now used in over a dozen political science undergrad classrooms at universities in the U.S., Canada and Europe. The modules are frequently updated and free of charge for educational purposes. Currently, I am working on adapting the modules to the online class setting. Please email me for more information about the simulation modules. 


Available modules (selection):

  • Fixing the Eurozone, solving the Euro debt crisis 
  • Fixing the EU's Migration and Asylum policy
  • European energy security 
  • EU and US democracy promotion in the MENA (online)